Sunday, July 19, 2009

Damens B-Day Party!!!!

For Damen's 11th birthday party all he wanted to do was have a family BBQ. Almost all of us were in attendance, except our Arizona slackers!!!! You guys were missed. Bas made the birthday cake just the way that Damen wanted. It was HUGE and perfect. Ryan and Jim came over to join in the festivities. Everyone had a great time eating and playing games!! I cannot believe my baby is 11. The past year has flown by. I'm excited for the years to come.....

Damen and I :)

Opening presents...expensive ones!

Damen helping Grandma in the kitchen

Bas and Grandma visiting

Bry and Coen

Ryan, Damen and Coen playing

Coen eating cute

Marcus leaving early to get to work

Katie and Bas playing games with us all

Blowing out all 11 candles with some help from Coen

Us being silly with Fergs

The amazing chocolate, chocolate cake that Bas made

Damen playing with his new present, 10:30 and night


Monday, July 6, 2009

We R Still Alive!!!!

I don't know what happened.......I got so excited about blogging then life events took place and I forgot blogging even existed. Then facebook came in to my life and I love it and its easy to manage since my phone has Internet and the facebook program on it. Now that I have a cute new blog background I'm inspired again to keep this blog going. are the updates:

January: Damen, Fergie and I moved into our own home (renting) a block away to keep Damen in the same Farmington is great :)
February: Divorce was final. It was rough but Bronson and I remain great friends.
March: Heather and I made another Vegas get-away for a couple days. A friend got married at the Wynn Hotel...very pretty. We enjoyed the spa, shopping and all of the pre and post wedding activities. I will post pics soon.
April-May: Damen barely made it through the 5th grade. This school year was rough and he was ready for summer time.
June: Nothing to exciting.....EXCEPT Steve and Ruth coming to visit for the weekend (they moved to Arizona). It was so much fun seeing them. Damen had scout camp for 2 days and enjoyed his friends and the activities. Otherwise we are just hanging out with friends and chillin at the pool.

Now to the present month of July. I worked the entire 4th of July weekend!! :( As for Damen....we did some fireworks on Thursday nite. Friday morning grandma and grandpa drove him to meet Bas. Damen spent the weekend hanging out in Idaho riding in a diesel truck doing "whey" runs, watching fireworks, and riding 4wheelers. They had a blast!!!! Thank you Bry and Katie for bringing him home.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sorry guys!! Its been crazy this past month......many life changes and stressors have occured, but I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. In a matter of days I am hoping to get the blog back up and running. Just havn't been in the mood lately........

Monday, December 15, 2008


Last Wednesday night I was lucky enough to puppysit the cutest Minicher Pincher I have ever seen.......Rosco. We had a sleepover and spent all Thursday together. Fergie was unbelievably jealous and pissed off. Even more so then when Sandy or Zeus are here (my brothers dogs). I don't know if its because he was so small or maybe it was the fact that this pup had to be held constantly!!! I didn't think Ferg's was gonna make it through the night or day. I didn't sleep that well due to Rosco sleeping right next to my face in the middle of Brons and I. I has afraid we would roll over and kill him in our sleep. It was a long night for all. At one point Rosco ran off into my bedroom and it took me quit a while to locate him. I finally decided to look in the walk in closets and found Rosco in Brons' closet. He had jumped up on the first shelf and was sleeping on his was adorable! I was sad to take him home. Maybe its time for a new baby!!!!

Puppy that is :)

Family Fun

Last night we had our family get together....we started this in October and get together every 2 months and alternate who's home we are at. We all have a great time eating great food, playing games and catching up on each others lives. I have a greater appreciation for my family and the time we spend together now more then's too precious. I want them to all know how much I love them and all they contribute to make the Price/Gibby clan so amazing :) ......yes Ruth, even U bring a certain spark and flare to our family!!!!! I had to work until 6:30 so by the time I arrived to my mom's house they had eaten and built their gingerbread houses. Jimmy helped Damen build a spectacular gingerbread house. Marcus told me they spent 3hrs on it. WOW!! Then of course we had time to play my favorite game........Scategories!!!! February is my month to host the family fun! Can't wait!!!!!!