Sunday, July 19, 2009

Damens B-Day Party!!!!

For Damen's 11th birthday party all he wanted to do was have a family BBQ. Almost all of us were in attendance, except our Arizona slackers!!!! You guys were missed. Bas made the birthday cake just the way that Damen wanted. It was HUGE and perfect. Ryan and Jim came over to join in the festivities. Everyone had a great time eating and playing games!! I cannot believe my baby is 11. The past year has flown by. I'm excited for the years to come.....

Damen and I :)

Opening presents...expensive ones!

Damen helping Grandma in the kitchen

Bas and Grandma visiting

Bry and Coen

Ryan, Damen and Coen playing

Coen eating cute

Marcus leaving early to get to work

Katie and Bas playing games with us all

Blowing out all 11 candles with some help from Coen

Us being silly with Fergs

The amazing chocolate, chocolate cake that Bas made

Damen playing with his new present, 10:30 and night



Ruth and Steve said...

Fun. Fun. FUN!! Too bad you guys didn't have the party here. We were 115 degrees that day.

Rob and Susie said...

Looks like it was a ton of fun. Happy B-day Damen. Hope it was a great one. Miss you two.